Build your unique eternal crypto town

Pre-ICO starts on the 15th of Jan

Build your unique eternal crypto town

Pre-ICO tokensale ongoing. Deep in development.
Current price is 0.000148. Pre-ICO will end on March 10.

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Visit telegram group for refund instructions

The funds raised for development were not enough. Deep Gold project is closed. Refund to all pre-ico members.

Deep purchase instruction
Pay ether to wallet
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You may use any wallet that supports tokens.
Do not send ETH directly from exchanges, multi-sig wallets or from other smart contracts.

Welcome to the Deep

A free world, a new democratic economy based on a decentralised DPOS structure - built to last forever

The Deep is a virtual world with enlightened organisation: A completely democratic structure based on consensus using Delegate Proof of Stake decentralisation that will last forever. Communicate, offer services, play, live your fantasies.

Claim your land and build on it using the limited supply of Deep tokens – no mining needed. Use gold to customise your buildings. Even connect your own server with the DeepAPI.

Sell your tokens to earn a profit or keep your land and leave it to your children. Participate in managing the world. Become a delegate and earn a percentage of transactions.

Other spaces have limits, and they disappear and die. Decentralised, The Deep lasts forever.

Advantages of the deep

Deep Token

100,000,000 tokens in total.
1 Deep token equals a 1x1 land area.
No mining.

Economic model

A fixed supply of land increases demand.
Become a delegate, and earn a percentage of transactions.


Open API means that you can use your own server to make your land unique and to offer services in the Deep

Graphics Engine

Open source graphics engine using primitives – materials, models, effects.
VR coming in 2018.


LVL 1 Ethereum\Deep

DPoS-based tokens will be used after transition period using the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens manage land purchases. There are 100,000,000 ether tokens at the start with no mining. These will be swapped in the near future for the same number of Deep tokens. DPoS means consensus management based on stakeholder approval. Everything from voting for delegates, fee structure, technical parameters, etc. is agreed in a wholly democratic process. Proof of Stake transacations control exchanges with all nodes contributing to security.

LVL 2 Claiming land

The level is responsible for land privatization and synchronization. Tasks of this level include:

  • Requesting exact number of Deep required for the operation of the LVL 1 protocol
  • Asking the network if a piece of land is owned or free while not querying ownership
  • Checking if the limit of allowable land claims for this user is reached
  • Enabling and decentralizing the operations related to land purchases

The requirements for these actions are speed, and a high level of security. For user facility, a full table of land that has moved to private ownership is stored.

LVL 3 Building on your land

This level is responsible for building, spending and charging gold, and synchronization. Tasks of this level include:

  • Requesting land owner information from LVL 2 protocol
  • Requesting the availability of gold resources for the given construction
  • Decentralized storage of construction operation
  • Charging gold resources for storage and synchronization of the network

This is a specially designed protocol level based on blockchain tech elements and error detection\correction codes. The requirements for these actions are low speed, and a middle level of security.

LVL 4 User interaction

This level is responsible for the interaction of users with the environment and each other. Tasks of this level include:

  • Moving the character around the virtual world using a card loaded in LVL 2 and LVL 3
  • Displaying avatars of other users nearby
  • Processing the social interactions of users

Delegates of the LVL 1 protocol automatically support the servers for the LVL 4 User interaction process.

LVL 5 Deep Application Programming Interface

This level manages the installation of the personal servers of land owners. Land owners rule their territory, and the rules they make are implemented by connection to The Deep via its API. The Deep API is used to make external applications work in The Deep. The Deep API permits users to send and receive data, to interface with user actions, and to create, store and process databases on external servers. It also manages broadcasts to users of The Deep local reality based on Deep primitives for audio-visual interaction.


The ICO сontract address is 0x983877018633c0940B183Cd38d1b58bEE34F7301. There are 100,000,000 deep tokens with no mining. During the ICO, you can buy Deep tokens with Ethereum only. The ICO starts in 2019. The ICO hard cap is 50000 ether, no soft cap. 40,000,000 Deep tokens will be sold during the ICO. The contribution period is unlimited. Deep is an Ethereum based token. During development, the token will be transferred to our own DPoS-based system. Investors can expect to get their tokens within one day after investment. The Deep token will be placed on an exchange when the ICO ends.



September 2017

First Deep token crowdsale
Few-stage structure

Start of project development

October 2017

Architecture detailing
Project documentation development

Token release

January 2018

DPos implementation
Preparation of Ethereum to Deep Swap

Core protocol release

April 2018

Claiming land, building and
user interaction levels development

DeepAPI release

Winter 2019

DeepAPI level development
Multi-service testing

Alpha release

Spring 2019

Basic delegates initializing
Alpha testing

VR Support

Spring 2019

VR technologies analysis
Universal module development


Summer 2019

Second Deep token crowdsale
Market based pricing


Autumn 2019

Deep launch
Offline birthday party

Deep Team

Aleksei Bystrov

Deep Gold Founder
Systems Architect, Tech Lead

Andrew Seregin

Deep Gold Co-Founder
Crypto Trader, Marketing Lead


Marc Kenigsberg

Founder of BitcoinChaser
Crypto Marketing Guru

Max Lusta

CEO GameBeets
Head of Gaming at VK Fest & VidFest


Why is The Deep eternal?
The Deep will last forever thanks to decentralization based on DPOS technology and specially designed Deep five-level protocol. We do not depend on anyone or anything else for our world. Ruled by the democratic use of consensus, The Deep can grow and change according to the will of its users.
Why do you use ether now, instead of Deep tokens?
We need to start development, and we need to distribute tokens at this time. First we will develop the project, then we will swap for Deep tokens.
When will the ICO start?
The ICO starts as soon as the Deep alpha will be ready, which should be the Summer 2019.
Why is it good to buy Deep tokens during the Pre-ICO?
The price of Deep tokens will be much lower at this time than it will during development. Then it can increase sharply.
What size is The Deep?
The Deep is a square looped world measuring 10,000 cells per 10,000 cells and a height of 100 cells (-9 .. + 90).
How do I move around The Deep?
Any Deep user can travel throughout the world and teleport between their own private space, friends, invited guests and fixed key points. The only place that cannot be accessed is private space, if the owner chooses to forbid visitors. The Deep has a dynamic map of neutral roads so that users can move around the boundaries of private zones.
Are my land and buildings safe?
The Deep is a true one-rank P2P world, which means complete decentralization and distributed storage of the entire territory and its contents. All owned buildings are encrypted and repeatedly duplicated by storage on other users' computers, using blockchain-based technologies and error correction codes.
Can I offer my services on my land?
There is no restriction to the offer of services on your own land and buildings. You must create a server that manages these activities.
What is gold?
Gold is a token you automatically get free for deep net support. You cannot buy or sell it, but you can use it for the premium building option.

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